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Mission Armenia 2022 Recap

I departed from Phoenix on April 19, 2022, on my way to Armenia, bringing with me a carry-on suitcase, a backpack, and a gift bag for 18 days of traveling. 


On the way, I had the wonderful opportunity to share a meal with Pastor Craig, a fellow minister and professional counselor who serves Christian ministers and leaders throughout Armenia and Eastern Europe. We are praying together about offering a three-day retreat for pastors and leaders the next time the Lord brings me to Armenia.

In Yerevan

Once I reached Armenia, my schedule was packed with non-stop activities and events. Of course, every meeting or gathering included breaks for us to enjoy the wonderful Armenian foods!


In Yerevan, I was able to connect with Hasmik (my interpreter) and her husband, Hovo, and their beautiful baby daughter. I also spent time at Gospel Defender Church with Pastor Natalya. 


While I was in Armenia, the country celebrated the 107th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, commonly known as Red Sunday. For being such a small country, Armenia has experienced countless attempts by outside forces to destroy them. Perhaps it is their connection to Christianity and their persecution-filled history that makes them such strong, devoted people. 

In Artashat

My next stop was Artashat. Pastor K and Lilit (our Armenian office manager) picked me up to drive me to where we met Pastor Daniel. 


Pastor Daniel, our minister friend and brother from Vedi, was at Pastor K’s church. We caught up on how the children’s ministry is flourishing. You may recall we helped support this outreach on my last visit to Armenia. I was especially excited to see how this ministry is expanding — reaching vulnerable children and their parents. God is at work in Vedi, Armenia!

A New Home from Ararat Mission

I had an unexpected opportunity to see the Lord answer prayers while I was in Artashat. Pastor K told me about Ararat Mission, another ministry that has been working in the area. Pastor K spoke of a family that has been living in a shipping container for several years. Through the Ararat Mission, this family received a new home to be built on their property. While I was visiting, I had the chance to watch it happen!


I met Pastor Steven and his wife Olga, leaders of Ararat Mission. I have heard of their work before, especially the ministry they do with disabled children. He works closely with Pastor K. What a wonderful servant of God! Pastor Steven asked if I would share words of encouragement for this family and pray for them. He also asked me to help dedicate the property to the Lord, along with Pastor K and a couple of other pastors who were present. What a joyful occasion to be present for this ground-breaking occasion!

God’s Strength in Our Weakness

On April 27, I spoke to the church at Artashat about how God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness. Pastor Daniel opened our time with wonderful worship music. It was refreshing to see how the people openly participate in lifting their voices in songs to the Lord.


After Pastor Kahchik’s introduction and welcome, Lilit (my interpreter) and I shared the teaching. The interaction was rich. We were able to clarify and bring deeper understanding as a result of their questions. We laughed together. There was such an openness of the people to receive the teaching.

My Thanks to You!

Many wonderful things happened on this visit, and I look forward to sharing more about my experiences soon. While reflecting on my time in Armenia, I realized how God had arranged this trip. He knew what the needs were — and are — in this nation. And God graciously used me to speak and teach on subjects that these people are facing. 


I am humbled, honored, privileged, thankful, and surprised in response to my visit in Armenia, but these words are insufficient to express how I truly feel. Although my body is tired, my heart is filled with gratitude.


I am grateful for how the ministry that I serve (MSW Ministries) allows me the freedom to fulfill God’s mission for my life. I am thankful for you — and other friends — who pray and support this work. I am also mindful that the work is not behind us, but before us; and that God is leading, guiding, and directing us to continue to have a small part in His Kingdom work in Armenia and Eastern Europe. 


Thank you all for your prayers, your support, and your kindness.