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Armenian Interpreter-Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Today I will meet with my interpreter, Hasmik.

It’s important for me to glean insight as to potential cultural and language challenges as a speaker. Speaking in America, it’s easy to take for granted cultural idioms. Also, speaking through an interpreter requires a sensitivity to pacing. Finding a good rhythm of speaking and pausing is essential for your message to be heard.

While I’m not overly concerned, I’m aware. It will be good to meet Hasmik and to talk about these necessary communication skills.

As I’ve been thinking of this, I find that in our walking and talking with God, it’s also essential that we find a good rhythm that allows us to have a healthy “pause.” There are times when it’s necessary to speak, and times when we are to be silent— so that the message can be heard.

I tend to live life on rapid fire — like a speaker who talks too fast, and never gives his audience time to take in the words she or he has spoken. I wonder what God desires of me today — to speak, or listen. If I’m always talking, I may miss the message God wants me to hear.

Perhaps we all would benefit by learning a rhythm that allows for a healthy “pause” so the message will not be lost.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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