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Who Are You Rushing To?

The holiday season is a time when everyone seems to be in a hurry. We are all rushing from one event to the next, whether it’s church or family dinners, or Christmas parties with friends. It can be exhausting!

The same is true for those who volunteer or participate in ministries during this season. With donations to sort, meals to prepare, carols to sing, or gifts to hand out, the to-do lists seem unending. We can get so busy doing ministry that we forget why we minister in the first place.

It’s easy to imagine that life moved at a different pace in ancient times. In comparison to the modern era, that could be true. After all, there were no Black Friday sales, no Internet solicitations from businesses competing for our dollars, no decorations to set up, dinners to plan, or parties to attend.

Even so, consider what we know from Luke’s gospel. Caesar Augustus decreed that a registration needed to take place, which meant that Joseph and his very pregnant wife Mary had to travel far away as quickly as they could. They had to have been in a rush, otherwise, Jesus might have been born on the side of the road rather than in a manger.

Think about the shepherds. They were just doing their jobs, minding their own business, when a sky full of angels appeared and told them that the Savior had been born. What was their response? Naturally, they sensed the urgency to rush to Bethlehem to witness the Savior for themselves.

“Let us go over to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has made known to us.” —Luke 2:15 ESV

They were all rushing too, but they had a different reason for their hurried pace than we often do. They were rushing toward Jesus. We may be rushing toward something this Advent season, but it may not be Him.

In the midst of our Christmas overwhelm, the rush may be unavoidable, but if we must be in a hurry, let’s make it about Jesus. Let’s all rush toward the manger, to behold the wonder that the LORD has made known!

Thanks for spending a few moments with me. If you’d like to hear more, please visit my website or subscribe to my channel. Have a blessed Advent season.

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