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Your Prayers Matter

Are you a praying person? And if you are, do you ever feel your prayers fall on deaf ears?

A recent conversation with a friend revealed how disturbed she was regarding the divisiveness, heinous crimes, and the ugliness expressed by people whose opinions differ from others.

“It seems as if we’ve reached a place where there’s no acceptance – let alone tolerance -- for those who disagree. While we may expect this in politics, why is there such growing division among those who claim to love God?”

My friend’s a “praying person.” She told me she’s asking God to transform hate into love, unkindness into kindness. But as the conversation continued, she acknowledged: “I’m wondering if God hears me, or if all of this discord doesn’t matter to God?”

Cornelius was a centurion soldier in Caesarea in the first century. He was a Gentile, and although not a full-fledged proselyte, he was devout, reverent, generous, and one who prayed to the God of Israel continually (Acts 10:1-2).

One day around 3 pm (“the ninth hour of the day”), he has a vision. An angel of God reminds him: “Your prayers and your alms have ascended as a memorial before God” (Acts 10:4b).

Cornelius’ world was also filled with contention, persecution, and argumentative conversations. The message reminds him (and us): Your prayers offered to God “are received” – and God remembers you!

Things may not happen as fast as we desire, but God will fulfill His purpose in His time and way.

Your prayers and gifts of kindness offered to God in worship may (at times) seem to be ineffective. But never discount that God not only hears and receives your offerings, God remembers you.

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