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Our Christian brothers and sisters in armenia 

need God’s intervention.

Why armenia?

Pastor G. asked if I would speak at the Pastors and Church Leaders Conference in Armenia. He had been planning this event for months and was excited about his response from pastors throughout eastern Europe.

Armenia? Where is Armenia, I thought? I admit I had to find it on the map.

Standing on the stage a year later, I thought: Lord, why am I here? Tears began to flow, and I experienced the same heartfelt connection I had sensed on my first trip to the former Soviet Union, years ago…

Why Armenia?
DAVID vs. goliath

"This predominately Christian nation is about the land size of Maryland, surrounded by peoples and ideologies that desire to see their destruction. The odds are stacked against Armenia. But, like David, they have a strong faith in God who defies all odds!"

What's Happened:

9/27/20 – Azerbaijan (backed by Turkey) launched a missile and aerial attack on Artsakh, targeting civilians.

9/29/20 – The attack expands to Armenia, prompting martial law in Artsakh and Armenia.


A howitzer fires munitions toward Armenian positions. Violence between Armenia and Azerbaijan erupted in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. 

David vs. Goliath
call to prayer

The greatest, and most often requested need at this time, is for PRAYER!

Please allow the Lord to lead you in prayer for these people and the regions where they live, worship, and fight for the Christian faith. Below are some prayer points to help you intercede.


  • Comfort for families who have lost their sons and daughters

  • Wisdom for the Armenian leaders

  • Healing for wounded soldiers and civilians

  • Resources to care for those in need (food, clothing, and shelter)

  • Strength and courage for our pastors and church leaders who faithfully provide moral and spiritual support

  • Protection against further attempts to destroy the existence of Armenia

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from?  My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.”
(Psalm 121:1)

Call To Prayer
urgent need

The suffering in this small country is devastating. The need for food, clothing, and shelter has never been greater. We are partnering with ministries, humanitarian groups, and local church pastors to meet these pressing needs.  Many families have lost everything. 

Civilians are displaced, some are missing. The needs are larger than the churches and leaders can bear.  You can help them.


100% (One-Hundred Percent) of your tax-deductible gift will go to provide food, clothing, and shelter for families displaced by this conflict.

Urgent Needs
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immediate needs

Donate here, and 100% of your gift will help clothe and feed our Armenian brothers and sisters who are displaced by the destruction of their homes and neighborhoods in the hardest hit, war-torn areas of Armenia.

Thank you for your gift!


There is power in prayer.

We will periodically inform you of prayer requests Richard Parrish Ministries receives from our pastors and leaders in Armenia.

Your e-mail address is confidential. We will only use it to provide you with updates regarding Richard Parrish Ministries.

Thank you for praying with us!

Pray With Us
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