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Richard Parrish

Richard Parrish is an author, speaker, spiritual director, and mentor who loves helping pastors, leaders, and learners through spiritual growth and soul care. No stranger to adversity and burn-out, Richard knows personally how important it is for ministry leaders to take care of their spiritual health.


Through submission to God’s purpose and a deep, abiding certainty in God’s active care in every area of life, Richard has discovered strength, resilience, and confident hope and seeks to share his journey with others.


An ordained minister with the Evangelical Covenant Church and the Director of Richard Parrish Ministries, Richard teaches with honest compassion learned through many different life challenges. From the wealth of his experience, Richard speaks to issues of spiritual transformation and leadership. 


Through writing and speaking, Richard communicates truth in a loving way that invites others to draw near to God. A listener and an encourager, Richard values the life experiences of others and seeks to include everyone in conversation. And a little bit of laughter never hurt anyone either!


Richard resides in sunny Glendale, Arizona with his wife, Vicki. He’s always up for a round of golf and a hot cup of coffee to keep him well caffeinated for the benefit of others.

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