Bringing Hope to Uzbekistan Women

Richard Parrish
Jul 3, 2024
3 min read
Meet Zamira.

She is a woman who spreads the transformative power of God’s love everywhere she goes! She brings hope to Uzbekistan’s often confined and oppressed women.  

In December of last year, RPM made the decision to help Zamira begin a ministry outreach to the women of Uzbekistan. Already, we see how this outreach is having a phenomenal impact!

Zamira reminds these precious women of their worth as children of God through Biblical teaching on topics like “being a wise wife.”

To acquaint women with God’s love and to introduce herself to these ladies, she has already formed a team of two other ladies and three girls who make handmade cards for married ladies in churches and villages throughout Uzbekistan. The cards include a Bible verse, flowers, and chocolates.

While these gestures may seem minor or insignificant to us, they are significant and moving to Uzbekistan women. These are acts of love foreign to them—healing acts in Jesus’ Name that ignite hope!

However, to sustain and see this effective ministry grow now requires more support.

Zamira’s ministry to the women of Uzbekistan is essential. Already, we are seeing how women are discovering how God values them. The heads—and hearts—of these dear precious women, that have hung low for so long, are being lifted through this ministry outreach.

Your prayers and financial support are needed.

RPM assisted in the start of this ministry outreach. Now, our ongoing support is required to ensure the continuation and growth of this ministry. For $5000 (US funds), we can make it possible for Zamira to devote herself full-time to this ministry and help the women of Uzbekistan discover how much God loves them.  

Your support of any amount will have an exponential effect in encouraging and empowering Uzbekistan women. Thank you!

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-Richard Parrish

P.S. To protect Zamira and others from potential persecution, we are blurring their pictures.

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