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I just returned from a blessed trip to Armenia, where I witnessed firsthand the powerful work God is doing through our ministry and His faithful servants in Armenia.

One highlight of the trip was my visit with the refugees in the Artsakh region of Armenia. A number of the women and children came to the church to meet with me. They shared their struggles to find employment and pay rent. Their faces were sad, despite their efforts to smile. Yet after speaking of their hardships, they were quick to tell me, “Although we have struggles, we’re thankful that God saved us and that we were not killed.” One woman who lost her sons and daughters said: “I’m blessed to care for my grandchildren.” It was a strong reminder to me of how urgent it is when faced with struggles to remember to be thankful for the things God has spared us from.

These refugees know that RPM is assisting. They expressed to me how thankful they are for the work we are doing and that we haven’t forgotten them. Please continue to pray for these dear people.

In remote villages like Bardzruni and Zedeha, I had the privilege of sharing the Gospel with eager hearts hungry for encouragement. Despite the challenging journey through potholed roads and snow-covered mountains, the warmth and openness of the people touched my heart. In Zedeha, a brother expressed in broken English, "Thank you for coming to our village. We seldom have anyone come to see us and teach us the Bible." Their thirst for God's Word was palpable, and it was a joy to witness their receptiveness.

The leaders in the Armenian churches gave me encouraging updates. Pastor Khachik leadership of Living Faith Church in Artashat was full of people, many of them young, who worshiped God with sincerity. It is evident that this vibrant group will drive the Gospel forward in their community.

Pastor Natalia shared the struggles of her church’s building situation. Forced to leave their rented space, they were blessed with a property for sale that included an unfinished building. Through God's provision, they now own this property and have obtained construction permits. Though the building is not yet complete, they will begin worshiping there this month. It's a testament to God's faithfulness, providing step by step for these churches, even in the seemingly small details. Their faith and courage continue to grow as they navigate these challenges.

As I reflect on these experiences (and more),  I am reminded of the unwavering faith of our brothers and sisters in Armenia. They inspire us with their dedication to spreading the Gospel and trusting in God's provision. Let us continue to lift them up in prayer and support (click here to see how you can contribute to the Armenia fund) as they carry out His work.


Richard Parrish


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