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God blesses us so we can bless others!


We are helping to encourage and equip pastors and leaders in the growing churches of Uzbekistan.


Two projects need funds so that we can continue refreshing the souls of the Uzbek pastors so that they in turn can better lead, teach, and support their isolated churches.

Where is Uzbekistan?

RPM received an invitation to come to Uzbekistan in 2022. I had to look at a map to find Uzbekistan. Although I’ve been there (and will be going again in September of 2023), when people ask me, “Where’s Uzbekistan,” I want to provide them with a map. 


Uzbekistan has yet to make the top 10 list of frequently-traveled countries. 


It’s easy to confuse all the “-stan” countries—Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan—which are all border countries of Uzbekistan. Afghanistan and Pakistan are further south. 

Although the location may be confusing, what’s not to be confused is the ongoing persecution of our brothers and sisters in these countries!

Why Uzbekistan?

The Christian community in Uzbekistan is growing. 

This 98% Muslim nation discourages its population from the teachings of Christ. Our pastors and leaders there are much too familiar with mistreatment. Despite their hardships, they continue to see people come to know and follow Jesus.

On my last visit to Uzbekistan, I met with several pastors—including some who had been imprisoned and tortured for their faith in Christ. Though there has been some lifting of regulations, the cloud of oppression and uncertainty remains.  

With so few pastors and leaders separated by great distances, they are isolated. They need encouragement and companionship: to be heard, supported, and equipped. 

What's Needed


RPM is committed to hosting a 3-day Pastor and Spouse Retreat at least once a year.

The retreat times allow pastors, leaders, and their spouses to connect, learn, find encouragement, and refresh their souls and relationships. 

The average income for Uzbeks is approximately $300 (US dollars) per month. Due to the distance and lack of funds, our pastors and leaders cannot attend without financial assistance. 

You can sponsor a pastor, wife, or leader for $50 (US dollars). Your gift provides them with three nights of lodging and meals. 

Train Ministry

When I discovered how isolated our Uzbekistan pastors are, I spoke with Bishop D. 

“How often are you able to visit your pastors?” I asked. 

“Because of the distance and travel expenses, I try to get to them once a year,” he said. 

When I pressed him, I realized that even this yearly goal was not met because transportation costs prohibit him (or other key leaders) from traveling to their pastors. 

Uzbekistan has excellent train transportation. I traveled from Tashkent to Samarkand (round trip) for approximately $40 (US dollars). 

RPM provided funds to start a “Train Ministry,” allowing key leaders to visit their pastors throughout Uzbekistan. This fund would permit them to meet with local church leadership while covering lodging, meals, and transportation expenses. 

Since we established this fund, pastors and churches throughout Uzbekistan have received training, encouragement, and needed fellowship. 


RPM needs $5,000 (US dollars) to continue this essential outreach. Your gifts to our Train Ministry will refresh the thirsty souls of our Uzbek pastors and churches. 




Will you help our pastors and leaders in Uzbekistan?


We have been given so much as Christians in America. It’s important that we recognize our blessings and give back to those who are less fortunate than we are. The monetary support that allows the Uzbek pastors to connect with and learn from other leaders will multiply as these pastors come back to their own churches better equipped to teach and encourage their flock.

God is working in Eastern Europe

Countries like Armenia, Georgia, and Belarus (among others) are hungry for Bible teaching and spiritual leadership. Partner with Richard Parrish Ministries to provide needed resources for soul care, spiritual formation, and training for pastors and leaders. 

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