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God blesses us so we can bless others!

The Lagodechi Church Project

The Lagodechi Church needs help to finish their building.

Most churches in the nation of Georgia are usually found in houses that have been renovated. A wonderful congregation in Georgia needs help to finish renovating it before they can use it.

Why does that "church" look like a house?

Many churches in Georgia look like houses because most of them used to be houses! Under previous years of Soviet domination, churchgoers were forced to meet together secretly in each other's homes. Although the church in Georgia has more liberty now, the people prefer to be cautious. 


For this reason, many church congregations or pastors buy homes and turn them into church buildings. This is what Pastor Tato has done for his church in Lagodechi. 

current update  

Pastor Tato shared some exciting news—the completion of Lagodechi Church's bathroom facilities! 

Christians in the country of Georgia face unique challenges, with churches often operating out of renovated houses due to recent restrictions on the freedom of worship and their current uncertainties about religious freedom.

Thank you for your support, which helped us to accomplish this project's first phase! Pastor Tato told me, "We now can begin to worship together. Please tell all who responded with their love, support, and prayers how grateful we are."

I am passing Pastor Tato's greetings and the love from his congregation on to you.


The next phase of this project involves creating classrooms for both children and adults. Your continued prayers and contributions mean the world to this dedicated congregation. 

Lagodechi is a mostly Muslim community, located on the border of Russia and Azerbaijan. Pastor Tato purchased a home here with the intention of converting it into a church for his congregation. 

This church project is nearly complete, but there are three critical areas that must be addressed before the building is ready to open its doors. ​


Phase One: The Bathroom

Before the church can be used for worship services, the facility needs a bathroom. This phase includes purchasing and installing all necessary labor and fixtures (toilers, a shower, cabinets, tile, paint, wallpaper, and connecting the existing plumbing to the sewer). The projected cost for this phase is $5,000.


Phase Two: Classrooms

In order to most effectively teach and ministry to the congregation, the church needs a few classrooms that are divided from the main portion of the building. This phase includes the cost of labor as well as framing, drywall, fixtures, paint, and wallpaper. The projected cost for this phase is $15,000.


Phase Three: Seating

After finishing a beautiful church building, how sad would it be if there were no place to sit? Standing up through an entire church service can be exhausting and distracting. The church needs 60 chairs for its auditorium. The project cost for this phase is $5,000. 

“The current freedom we have [to worship openly], could be short-lived. That’s why we’ve purchased and are converting this house into a church.” 

Will you help the church of Lagodechi?

We have been given so much as Christians in America. It’s important that we recognize our blessings and give back to those who are less fortunate than we are. Gifts to support our brothers and sisters in Eastern Europe can be financial or spiritual, of course. Pastor Tato will never turn down prayer, but right now what he needs is financial support to finish the renovations of his church building.


Consider becoming a partner with us and our growing ministry outreach to places like the nation of Georgia. We are close to completing this project, and your support is most helpful. 

God is working in Eastern Europe

Countries like Armenia, Georgia, and Belarus (among others) are hungry for Bible teaching and spiritual leadership. Partner with Richard Parrish Ministries to provide needed resources for soul care, spiritual formation, and training for pastors and leaders. 

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