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  • The Azeris are clearly the aggressors in this war, (Entering into Artsakh, and bombing Armenia). They have had a history of such aggressions since beginning of the Nagorno Karabakh war in 1989.

  • Azerbaijan and Turkey are united by ethnicity, language, and a mutual hatred for Armenia.

  • Turks and Azeris were never native to the lands of Turkey and Azerbaijan. These Turkic peoples came into these lands as invaders, then eventually enslaved the Christians as dhimmi people under Islamic rule. The natives of these lands were the Armenians, Kurds, Greeks, Persians, Syriacs, etc.

  • The people in Turkey committed waves of genocide against Armenians between 1894-1923. Over 2 million Armenians were massacred (not including Greeks, and Syriacs).  In part, this was a jihad against Christian minority groups living under their Muslim slave-masters.

  • Turkey has been leading a Pan-Turkic movement – a Turkish imperialistic ideology in the region. They want to unite all Turkic countries. Turkey in particular has been vying to bring back the Islamic Caliphate and unite all Muslim and Islamic nations under one religious head.

  • Turkey has not only denied that the Armenian Genocide ever took place, but blame-shift, saying that it was the Armenians who committed a genocide against Turks. In fact, in Turkey, if you say anything against the country of Turkey, or “Turkishness” it is illegal. Therefore, publicly saying or writing that Turkey committed a genocide is a crime.

  • The Azeri and Turkish worldviews are negatively influenced by Islamic primary sources (Qur’an, Hadith, Sirat), thus they have no problem with aggressing on whom they consider infidels. Their primary sources command death, and or enslavement of non-Muslim peoples. They also are dishonest in reporting what is going on now in the current conflict on the Armenian borders. Their religion teaches them that they can hide the truth and be dishonest if it benefits them.

  • The Azeri and Turkish news and governments say the following:

a) The Armenians are “genocidal” “terrorists” and “occupiers” aggressing upon Azerbaijan.

b) The Armenians invaded Azerbaijan, but “the Azeris were victorious and killed 2,300 Armenians” (in reality around 100 Armenians have been killed at the time of this report – 9/30/2020).

c) Azeris and Turks are continuing to say, “we will drink the blood of the Armenians.” “We will wipe them off of the map.”

d) Turkey said they would send military aide (and have used F-16’s against Armenia) and sent mercenaries to fight against the Armenians. They have done this and more.

e) Pakistan said they would militarily support Azerbaijan.

f) Israel supports Azerbaijan and gives them weapons.

g) Turkey is saying Armenia is using PKK fighters against the Azeris, and the Turks say Armenia is harboring terrorists. (They say this as an excuse to attack Armenia, and it incites their people.)

h) The Turks and Azeris would love to have Armenia out of the way, so they could trade easier, especially in oil and gas, and fulfill their Pan-Turkic ideals. [1]


[1] The source of this information is from Jacob Pursley 

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