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Honest Communication

It’s common for us to say things that are – well, not entirely true!

We don’t intentionally try to deceive or present something that’s dishonest. Sometimes it’s merely an attempt to find justification for something we neglect, postpone, or forget.

Let’s be honest… in leadership our words are important. They can work for, or against us!

Stock phrases roll easily off our lips. “I didn’t have a chance to…” “There wasn’t enough time to…” “I have to…” etc. These types of comments, as well as other familiar expressions, seem so natural.

So why is it essential for those of us in leadership to pay attention to what we say?

First, what we say reflects what we believe. Jesus reminds us: “…out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (Mt. 12:34). Not everything I think is “good” (truthful). Within me, I have the capacity also to believe evil (untruth).

Second, these familiar sayings do not always reflect the truth. I’m not suggesting that we intentionally, in a horrible moral sense purposefully lie. However, our words have a more positive impact when filtered for truth. Here’s an example:

“I didn’t have a chance to write the report, visit my friend, clean the house (you fill in the blank)” is not a truthful expression. Think about it…

…To write a report, visit a friend, or clean the house requires a choice. “I chose not to write the report last week because I chose to do something else,” is an honest expression.

Carey Nieuwhof reminds us:

“Hours and minutes don’t discriminate.

They let you do whatever you decide to do.”

Thoughtfully choosing our words about how we handle time actually begins to free us from a life of busyness and low productivity – both, which are destructive to leadership and our life.

This week most of us will have more on our plate than we can get to. However, each of us will have the same amount of time. And, each of us will have to choose what we will attend to and what we will leave unattended.

What would it look like if we invited God’s direction into the selection process?

Praying for each of you to choose wisely!

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