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The Mission to Eastern Europe Begins Today!

Well it's Monday morning, and I'm here at the airport reading to catch my flight to Atlanta and on to Frankfurt, Germany. I'll be there for a day, and then I'll go on to Yerevan, Armenia. Then a week later to Tbilisi, Georgia, and from there to Hungary and then home. After three weeks of travel I'll be ready to be home!

I want to thank you for your prayers, for your faithfulness to this ministry, and ask that you would continue to pray for me as I journey. I will be posting on my blog and on social media as often as I can, and I look forward to sharing a wonderful report from our brothers and sisters in Christ upon my return.

I also want to thank each of you for your faithfulness in support. Through God's goodness because of God's people, like you, we met our funding goal. THANK YOU!

There is still time to support this ministry and other projects that we are working on in Eastern Europe. You haven't missed your chance. You can donate today.

Have a blessed week!

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