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Who’s Your General Contractor?

“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” [1]

My wife, Vicki, is at it again! She’s tackling a construction project that we’ve wanted to do to our house. That’s one of the reasons I’m out of town this week!

I admit: I’m not a construction guy. My gifts are in other areas. If you want something built, I’m not your person. What’s so challenging for me (when it comes to construction projects) is much more natural for Vicki.

It’s reassuring to me to know that I can trust her knowledge, insight, and abilities – even when it’s difficult for me to visualize the outcome.

Our lives are a construction project. We have been – and continue to be – transformed by the Spirit of God. My life – as you see it today – is not the completed project, it’s simply a work in progress. The finished outcome is yet to be revealed.

Most scholars attribute Psalm 127 to Solomon, who in his wisdom recognizes that dependence on the providence of the LORD is what assures and safeguards our lives. Solomon understands that it is hopeless to believe we can build or guard our lives – unless the LORD is our general contractor!

Recently, our ministry team met in Oceanside, California for a retreat. We wanted to escape the heat of Phoenix and find refreshment for our souls. Our speakers, Alan and Gem Fadling, reminded us of the difference in working for God and working with God.

Although it is an honor to work for God, the flip side is we can quickly take responsibility for what rightfully belongs to God. He’s responsible for building the house (our lives) and graciously invites us to participate with Him.

When we work with God, we relinquish control and re-claim trust. Working with God allows us to receive rest and refreshment in our labor. The moment we attempt to elevate our self from sub-contractor to general contractor we are on the fast track to anxiousness.

If you find that the construction of your life could use a General Contractor, God’s ready.

My prayer is that you will enter into the rest and refreshment the LORD has for you, as you work with Him.


[1] The Holy Bible: New Revised Standard Version (Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1989), Ps 127:1.

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